Amsterdam / Red Light District

Red Light District ('De Wallen)'

Activities in Amsterdam's Red Light District

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The Red Light District is Amsterdam's prostitution district, named after the many red lights used in the prostitution windows. Some tips for activities to explore the district:

Red Light District

Amsterdam's Red Light District (‘De Wallen’ in Dutch) is the prostitution district of Amsterdam, with over 300 spots for window prostitution. The name is derived from the many red lights in these windows. The district also features plenty of sex shops, coffeeshops, sex shows, and a cannabis museum. The district has become one of the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

A few Red Light District activities:

Red Light Museum

Red Light Museum

The Red Light Museum or Museum of Prostitution offers a glimpse behind the screens of the Red Light District. The museum is located in a 17th-century canal house and explains the entire history of this notorious district, the oldest profession in the world, and the secrets of the ladies.

Casa Rosso Amsterdam

Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre

Casa Rosso is the most famous erotic show in the Red Light District. Their shows vary from striptease, soft SM, live sex, to the famous banana show. Book your tickets now for this special and popular night out.

Pub Crawl Amsterdam

Pub Crawl

A pub crawl visiting Red Light District pubs? Visit five pubs and a club in this infamous neighbourhood. The guides will take you on a night to remember.

Where is the Red Light District in Amsterdam?

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